Choose the correct word.

Неотклонимая контрольная работа по британскому языку

Курс 1 семестр

Task 1

Прочитайте вопросы 1-6. Установите, в каких текстах A – G можно отыскать ответы на эти вопросы. Внесите свои ответы в таблицу. Используйте каждый текст только один раз. В задании один текст излишний.

Which computers

Are the smallest?

Are widespread models?

Can fulfil several tasks simultaneously?

Are the most Choose the correct word. expensive?

May be used separately or joined to a network?

Were called at first microcomputers?


A supercomputer is extremely powerful. It can be used for very complex tasks, such as computer modeling of weather systems. These computers are extremely expensive, and are generally used by educational or scientific Choose the correct word. institutions, rather than individual ones.


A mainframe a powerful computer which is capable of processing large amounts of data, often enabling many people to use it, and to carry out many tasks, at the same time. A network of smaller computers or terminals is used to access the files and Choose the correct word. programs on the mainframe. Mainframes are therefore described as multi-user, multitasking machines.


A smaller computer in a network connected to a mainframe, or other more powerful computer, is often called a workstation. A workstation may, however, also be a relatively powerful computer, usually with good graphic Choose the correct word. capabilities, that may be either attached to a network or used as a stand-alone machine.


A small computer designed to be used to by an individual, for example at home or in an office, is sometimes called a PC, or personal computer. This kind of machine used to be called Choose the correct word. a microcomputer.


Another type of personal computer is a desktop or desktop computer. This is a very common model, which as the name suggests fits on a desk. Many users have desktop computers either at home, at work or in educational institutions. A desktop is not designed to be Choose the correct word. portable, which means it does not have an independent power supply, and is too big and heavy to be carried easily.


A laptop is smaller than a desktop. Laptops are portable and can use batteries. As the name suggests, a laptop is small and light enough to fit on Choose the correct word. the user’s lap. A notebook is like a laptop, but is smaller, and a subnotebook is even smaller.


A handheld computer, sometimes called a palmtop, a PDA (personal digital assistant), or a pocket computer, is small enough to be held in the user’s хэнд.


Task 2

Decide Choose the correct word. which answer A), B), C) or D) best fits each space.

A grasshopper spent the summer singing and dancing in the sun. One day he saw an ant hurrying by. She 1___and hot.

“Why ___you 2___on such a lovely day?” asked the grasshopper.

“I’m 3___ food for the winter,” the Choose the correct word. ant said and went on her way. She 4___ all the other ants carrying food ti their store. The grasshopper sang another song and carried on dancing.

When winter came and there 5___ on the ground, the grasshopper 6___ to eat. He 7___ so he went and asked the ants 8___ him some Choose the correct word. food.

“We worked all summer 9___ our food. What 10___ you do?” said one of the ants.

“ I 11___singing and dancing,” replied the grasshopper.

“Well, if you 12___ all summer and do no work,” said the ant, “then you must starve in the winter.”

MORAL: Always 13___ for difficult times in the Choose the correct word. future.


1) A. looked tiring B. looking tired C. looked tired

2) A. do…work B. do…working C. are…working d. is…working

3) A. collect B. collecting C. collected D. collects

4) A. was joined B. was joining C. joins D. joined

5) A. was snow B. was snowed C. were snowed D. were snow

6) A. had no Choose the correct word. nothing B. didn’t nothing C. had nothing

7) A. was hungried B. was hungry C.was’t hungry D. hungried

8) A. to give B. give C. to gave D. gave

9) A. to collect B. collect C. collected D. to collected

10) A. was B. were C. do D. did

11) A. was busy B. were busy C Choose the correct word.. wasn’t busy D. weren’t busy

12) A. sing and dance B. sang and danced C. were singing and dancing

13) A. prepare B. prepares C. prepared D. preparing

Task 3

Choose the correct word.

1. Brain’s room was an ___ place.

A. amazing B. amazed

2. It doesn’t matter It’s of no ___.

A Choose the correct word.. important B. importance

3. What’s the ___ of that building?

A. height B. high

4. If you don’t do something about that cut, it’ll ___.

A. bleed B. practice

5. If you want to speak English fluently, you need more English ___.

A. practice B. practise

6. It’s not easy to operate this machine Choose the correct word.. We have great ___ in doing it.

A. difficult B. difficulty

7. I need your ___on this paper. Could you do it just now?

A. signature B. sign

8. It’s 30 degrees in the shade. The ___ is unbearable.

A. hot B. heat

9. Let’s meet at seven o’clock. Will that time ___ you?

A. suitable B. suit

10. My flat Choose the correct word. is very old. I’d like to ___ it.

A. modernize B. modern

11. Your explanation is too complicated. Could you ___it?

A. simplify B. simple

12. I ___ too much. I’m to have a diet.

A. weight B. weigh

13. Did you tell anybody about your ___?

A. lose B. loss

14. How long is Choose the correct word. it? You should be accurate with the ____.

A. measure B. measurement

15. The police found a ___ body in the river.

A. dead B. died